Terms and Conditions

1. Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
We will use your cleaning supplies, unless you request Royal Maids in advance for cleaning equipment and supplies. The cleaning equipment and supplies will be provided for an additional service charge.

2. Our Code of Conduct

Our cleaning associates are to perform their duties to the best of their abilities while conducting themselves in a professional manner at all times. They do not smoke, eat or drink while they are in your home. They are only there to clean your home.

Our cleaning associates go through a rigorous background check before they are hired at Royal Maids and are expected to follow the company values at all times.

3. Minimum Booking Hours

Our minimum booking is 2 hours.

4. Payment
For your convenience, we accept cash or cheque.

Payment for all cleaning services is due at the time of the cleaning unless alternative arrangements are made with our office.

5. Pets and Plants

We are pet friendly but appreciate your assistance in making sure your pets are secured and safe on cleaning days. Please make our office aware of any special requirements in safeguarding your pets.

Due to the individual care that plants require, it will be your responsibility to keep our office informed if you would like us to take special care with your plants.

6. Extra Work

Our cleaning associates follow a standard cleaning checklist and also specific instructions on the worksheet customized for your home. You will be informed at the time of scheduling as to what is included in the cleaning service. If you require additional tasks that are not included in the standard cleaning service, please inform the office so the additional cost for that service is provided to you in advance of the cleaning.

Please let us know at least 48 hours in advance for any additional requirements, as it will be difficult for us to adjust the schedules on the day of the cleaning service.

7. Keys

Please make sure our cleaning associates have access to your home on the cleaning day. You will need to inform us how to access the home if you will not be at home at the day of the cleaning service. We do provide key handling services upon your request.

8. Security Alarms

If your home is equipped with an alarm system, please be sure it is disabled prior to our arrival.

9. Schedule Changes and Cancellation

If you must reschedule or skip your regular cleaning day, we would appreciate 48 hours notice. If we are unable to enter the home upon arrival it may be necessary to assess a lockout fee of Aed 50 to cover travel and gas expenses. Lockout fees are Aed100 during a holiday.

We charge Aed 50 cancellation fee for scheduled appointments that are missed and were not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

We will reschedule appointments if they are scheduled on a holiday.

10. Service Reminder Calls
Service reminder phone calls are made one day before the cleaning service scheduled day. If we are unable to contact you over the phone, a text message will be sent to your mobile phone.

11. Arrival Time
We make every effort to meet the specific scheduled arrival time, but occasionally, we may encounter unexpected delays due to traffic or an extended time from a previous cleaning job. If there is a delay greater than 30 minutes, the office will notify you immediately.

12. Valuables

Please secure your valuables. If you have high value breakable items please inform our office so we can inform the cleaning associates not to touch those items.

While every effort is made to use great care in your home but sometimes accidents do happen and our cleaning associates are trained to immediately notify our office if something is broken or damaged. If we should break or damage something, we will make every effort to have the item repaired or if necessary it will be replaced. We do limit our liability for damage to a maximum of Aed 500.

13. Heavy Lifting

We value our cleaning associates and take their safety very seriously. Our employees cannot lift anything heavier than 30 lbs. or use ladders. If you would like cleaning to be done behind the refrigerator, stove or other heavy furniture, please have it moved prior to the cleaning so the cleaning associate can access the area.

14. Children
Please do not leave small children unattended where they could have access to the cleaning supplies. Some cleaning supplies are harmful if swallowed.

15. Tips

While tips in this industry are common practice, please only tip if you feel you have received exceptional service.

16. Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unhappy with the cleaning service, please inform our office within 3 hours and we will be happy to come back and address problem.

We encourage you to complete the feedback form with your comments after each cleaning so we can continue to improve our service to serve you better.

We unfortunately cannot provide refunds due to the nature of the personalized cleaning service, however your satisfaction is very important to us and we will come back and address the problem at no additional charge.

17. Referral Job Placement Fee

By using our services, you agree not to employ our past or present employees for any services. If you wish to employee our past or present employee, our referral fee is Aed 20,000. This is due in the full amount upon employing the past or present employee. This policy applies to continuous or contractual employment.
We reserve the right to pursue alternate methods of collection if the fee is not paid.

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