Part Time Maid Dubai

We provide part time Filipina maids for residential cleaning needs by the hour. If you require Filipina maids on a part time basis you could sign a contract with us for the number or hours you require per week. After which you will be assigned one maid of choice. The maids can meet your entire household cleaning needs. They can also wash, iron, organize your home and take care of your children. We understand the need of part time maids for working mothers and can give a convenient solution according to your time and needs.  Our maids will follow the checklist given to them to make sure your house is cleaned to the high standards we try and meet. In addition to that they will follow all the instructions given to them by you. This service we provide a solution to clients who do not have the space or requirement for a full time maid.

Are you on the lookout for part time maids in Dubai?

If you have a household in which almost everyone has a job, then, it must surely be difficult for you to manage your home related chores. Most of you may come home from work tired and therefore unable to attend to the tasks of cleaning, washing the dishes, ironing clothes, so on and so forth…right? Are you therefore looking for part time maids who can handle your homework for you so that when you come back from work, you get to have washed dishes to eat in, clean bedrooms to sleep sound in, and ironed clothes to wear next day to work to?

Part time maids from Royal Maids

Royal Maids Dubai is one such company where you can hire the services of part time maids who can help you manage your home tasks responsibly and carefully.

You can rest assured that the maids from Royal Maids would take very good care of your home and your things so that you are pleased with their level of servicing.

The management of Royal Maids would take every possible step to ensure that the customers get what they are looking for and that they are not disappointed when they opt for Royal Maids to help them sort out their home errands.

Services offered

The services offered by Royal Maids part time maids include tasks such as cleaning, washing, ironing, organizing, taking care of children, et cetera.

The maids would be assigned to your home on an hourly basis and that means you can choose the number of hours that you would like to have their services for, depending on the workload you have at home.

After you sign a contract with Royal Maids, you will then be assigned a maid of your choice who can assist you in your day to day routine by taking care of your housework.

Linguistic Training

The part time maids offered for service by Royal Maids are Filipino by origin, which have been trained to speak English fluently so that they may communicate with you with ease.

This is very important because unless they are able to understand what you want them to do, they would be unable to perform the tasks to your satisfaction.

Therefore, they have bene trained properly linguistically to ensure that the communication gap between you and the part time maids is minimized so as to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations on your part.


This is a very crucial aspect that Royal Maids emphasizes on its staff, and relates to quality of service provided by part time maids.

All the maids have been trained to give out quality of work through hard work and dedication to their jobs.

It is as important for Royal Maids as it is to the customers that the maids provide quality work because the credibility of the company is at stake and should the maids be unable to work up to the satisfaction of the customers, Royal Maids would take a hit on its standing in the market.

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