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An exclusive cleaning service in Dubai, aimed at providing well-trained Filipino Maids for cleaning your home, washing, ironing and babysitting.
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English speaking Filipinas with housekeeping training English speaking Filipinas with housekeeping training
Friendly and courteous staff Friendly and courteous staff
Focused on customer satisfaction Focused on customer satisfaction
Reliable babysitting services provided Reliable babysitting services provided
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Royal Maids to help you sort out your housework efficiently!

The thing about today's life in Dubai is that everyone is so busy in work that household chores take a backstage as a result of work overload. This means that everyday some dishes remain unwashed; some clothes remain unclean, all rooms and washrooms are no washed and many clothes are left without pressing.

If you feel annoyed by being unable to cope with both your work routine as well as your housework, there is a solution for you which you can go for and strike a balance between the two: Royal Maids.

Royal Maids offers a variety of services to households through offering the services of its trained workforce of maids which can help with routine tasks at home.

Part-Time Maids

These part time maids are available on an hourly basis so you can hire for as many hours as you need them.

This service is actually meant for households who are not in need of full-time maids but instead, they need part-time maids to do the work which also keeps fluctuating in terms of load.

For instance, a household may need maids for more hours on weekdays than on weekends and so they can choose to hire only for as much time as they need maids for.

House Cleaning

Housecleaning is one more service offered by Royal Maids; maids from the company will clean your house professionally and make sure that every nook and corner is looked into.

The job of the maids would be to ensure that your house does not give a dusty look when they are done with their task but that it looks tidy and shiny and appeals to the sight when the job is completed.


If you have toddlers at home who need constant attention from you but you are too busy to attend to them, then, the maids from Royal Maids will substitute you effectively in that activity!

They would take very good care of your child and make sure that he is out of harm's way at all times that they are near him or her.

The maids would also take instructions from you on how best to take care of your baby so that you do not have to worry about your child anymore when maids from Royal Maids are around.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Furthermore, if you are moving out of an old house or moving into a new one, Royal Maids also offer the services of cleaning for either purpose.

The maids from the company will clean the entire house to your satisfaction and you can inspect the house and order further cleaning if you are not satisfied with the initial effort that has been made by the maids.

This is because at Royal Maids, our focus is on customer satisfaction because we know that the customer is always the King and we mean to keep it that way. This is so because that is the only way we can be a success in the market and earn respect for our services and our word.